Whale poop is a main ingredient in the most expensive perfumes.


Whale poop is a main ingredient in the most expensive perfumes.


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I’m sure he’d be proud too

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being a multifandom blog means that there will be times when you forget that you have multiple fandoms and spend 2 hours blogging about one thing

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chadbonin said: No interest in even checking out the Legend War of Power Rangers?





You know, I keep forgetting Nick still has Power Rangers. 

I’ll probably still forget when that comes on too. 

Nickelodeon screws Power Rangers over too with long four month breaks in between seasons that don’t need them.

And not Bandai is screwing us over by making the pink ranger’s toy purple because apparently boys won’t play with pink toys even if it’s part of a mecha.

Remember that time they made the White Shogun Zord Pink for the toy, even though Kat shared it with Tommy?

In context, we have to look at the different time frame. In the early days they actually made more products with girls in mind and changed yellow rangers to female to keep the gender ratio as even as possible. There’s also the fact that on a whole we’ve become more niche in marketing and the idea is that Power Rangers is more exclusively a boys show rather than a kids show. 

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Emmet’s travels

these are so awesome!

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one of my favorite jokes of all time

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What do you mean you don’t like Prince Charles? 
↳ Prince Charles presenting the weather forecast for BBC Scotland.

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Anonymous said: Opinion on The Blair Witch Project (1999) ?




God, the HYPE for that one.  Ain’t It Cool News blew that thing up.  I read their articles, I looked at all the web sites and stuff made for the viral marketing.  I was incredibly psyched to see it in theaters.

Then I saw it.

We taught studios a bad lesson: hype is worth more than quality.  They learned it so well, they’ve never stopped.

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